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In the Kingdom of Yarr

Down in the red space of yarr land, Molden Heath, life has started to settle back down.

War Decs have started to pass by the wayside. Eve Uni has moved out of Molden Heath, to the disappointment of the current residents. The general hope had been for their Low Sec Camp to be established and fights to continue on forever. However, that seems not to have passed.

The Pirate/Lowsec Corps are where they still were. It was a fun time while it lasted. The general creativity and problem solving for during the last few weeks has created a lot of interesting material for discussion and testing.

I for one really loved Hatchery's can operation.

With today being a holiday in the USA, a few people are on at different hours then when we normally see them. We were floating around our home systems doing housekeeping and general carebearing of sig sites when an alliance member hopped into the next system and announced a Drake/Drake/Cane fleet inbound.

At first, CW thought that it was a drake/drake/drake/cane fleet. However, they scattered around Klingt in a rather random way. We attempted to figure out what they were doing. I decided to undock my Viator and run around a bit to see if we could keep them interested with activity.

(I did have some chores to do in the other stations and gotta shove pictures in to break up the text)
[I normally have hanger view up but pictures in Captain Quarter view are fun and pretty]

We flitted about a little bit until to our surprise, someone took GCC. Who were they shooting? There were 4 other people besides the corp in the system at the time and we still thought that they were one gang. Another member of the aliance logged on. We told him, "Coms, ship, Klingt, now". "Okay" and he immediately started heading towards us.

Razor scanned them towards the gate and decided to go and see if they were interested. He dropped in a bit away and said, "This drake is taking gateguns."

"Who did they shoot?" was the general question we all asked.

"I don't know but hes burning for me."

And they engaged. CW and I warped to Razor. We had a mirrored fleet. They were drake/drake/cane and we were cane/cane/drake.

Razor had the pleasure of trying out his anciliary shield boosted Hurricane. He tanked the two drakes and the cane. Primary was the cane. Beck hopped in system in his Brutix and headed to us. We went to work on the hurricane. He was taken down and then we went to work on the 1st drake. Razor's tank was holding but it was wobbling around. He went into armor as the 1st drake went down. "ECM drones on the drake!" he ordered "Get him jammed.".

Drones were redirected and the drake was jammed as Razor hit 10% armor. He warped out the moment point was dropped. That gave us time to finish off the last drake.

A lot of fun for the start of the evening. I puttered around and did some selling in Rens while we spent quite a while harassing each other nonstop. It was a while later when Diz logged in and said... "There is a drake in system."

"Okay, maybe not making dinner yet." I had just decided to go and make dinner. Not starving, I decided to wait. I was next door and sat on the gate in case they bounced through. I then heard the call that htey had warped to the opposite gate when the Tempest and Hurricane were looking for them.

I warped back to the station and just as I was about to dock I heard, "He's still here." Meaning he was still in system.

I turned around and went back to the gate. There was a Sleipner on the other side of the gate that everyone else was on. Razor jumped back into Klingt. The Sleipner jumped and we were called to the field. Ender undocked in a Sleipner and he and I landed about the same time.

When I landed the drake was gone. The sleipner was on grid so I pointed it for the siple fact that I assumed we planned to kill him. I had no clue if he was agressed to anyone. I saw the gateguns firing but I was not sure who at.

So, I hit my MWD and pointed him and started to chew at him. And chew at him. And chew at him. What had started out as a Tempest/Hurricane fight for the Sleipnir turned into a Tempest/cane/cane/sleipnir fight on grid.

He tanked nicely. For a moment I was wondering if I was hitting him. but it turns out that I was. It took a moment or two to chew through his shields as he was using the shield booster.

But it was a lot of DPS pouring into the Sleipnir.

In local he says, "Good gank. It would have been fun if it was just the pest and cane".

True. However, the corp was in system. Poor thing went from an interesting fight to ships dropping outta warp errywere intent on taking him down. Pewpew is a group activity for us. The boys, unlike me, can all solo quite well. But when we are all around we all support each other. Its not just getting on the killmail its helping out the people you are in a corp with and fighting the fights.

We do honor 1v1s and prearranged matches. I have zero understanding of people who agree to a 1v1 and then drop logi on grid or warp in their friends when they are losing. Well, I have understanding that they do not want to lose the fight. But a 1v1 is its own situation. If you call in the cavalry you'll never know if you could have squeaked out in 1% structure.

My sec status is back to -3.5. I went and made dinner. I came back to find a corp mate trying to chase something around a few systems over. I went to see if I was needed...

Then I got ganked. I was bouncing between three systems while someone else was attempting to get a fight. The last time I decided to head home and I landed on a gate with a member of Gunpoint in a Rupture. I thought I was okay till I landed on the other side with 2 more ruptures.


The chances of my not exploding decreased to almost nothing. If it was a bunch of people without a clue, I might have had a chance. However, it was Gunpoint and I have that moment when you sigh and know you are done.

My options were few. I decided to try to make the gate. Burning off was not going to happen. I was under 10k from two of them.

My corpmate was 3 systems back in a case as well. I was so dead. I told him so on coms. He agreed that the gate was my only chance.

I tried to crash the gate. All three where now on my side and there was a tiny, tiny chance I'd make it. But no, they scrammed and bumped me and took me down. A fourth rupture showed up. I didn't fret. I'd made my effort. I just spammed my warp away, popped, and got my pod out while I waved to them in local.

2012.07.05 02:46:40 Insurance 15,255,796.80 ISK 52,961,735.61 ISK Insurance paid by EVE Central Bank to Sugar Kyle covering loss of a Hurricane.

Maybe one day I'll start insuring my ships. I also had a bunch of loot from an earlier fight in my hold. I must have forgotten to drop it off. Whoops.

My corpmate caught up. I went and sat in a station for a moment to take a few breaths and slow down my pulse and grab a noobship. All of those tasks accomplished I ran back to reship as Diz took them on at the sun.

Its a tricky fight, 4 ruptures vs 1 hurricane but Diz fights for the fights. However, Mane popped through in his Cynabal and went to back Diz up. I ran to reship but fights are fast and warping across a 60 au system is not.

They took down 3 of the 4 ruptures. I landed in my reshipped cane as the last one went down.

A flashy red hurricane landed on the gate. We had ships on both side of the gate. Ren logged in. The theme of the day was to immediately say, "fleets up, coms, go here" when people have logged in. He undocked in a drake and warped tot he gate, landing just as the Cane bounced through. The cane crashed the gate again back into Weld and then from Weld back into Klingt before he ran for it. I had point on him but he was pulling away from me. I lost point when he was at half structure and he was able to warped off.

Good fight, good try, almost made it.

Then the smack talk started. Such a useless pass time. It seems we are small timers and he can't believe that we still live in this boring area where nothing happens. Also it was pathetic that we could not kill a battle cruiser. We responded politely, did not engage in resmack as we looked for him. It just isn't worth it to participate in such silliness. Every fight is situational.

We were about to redock for repairs when the Sleipnir pilot from earlier popped into system and asked if we were still up to fighting. The answer was yes. Our mods were a bit crispy and all but who is going to turn down a fight. He was sitting on a gate in a typhoon.

Diz landed on the typhoon and engaged. The typhoon engaged back and the rest of us headed to assist. This time we were drake/cane/cane/cynabal. The fight with the typhoon was going nicely. We had chewed through the shields and started working on armor when the gate fired and a falcon landed.

I was jammed and Mane immediately peeled off to take out the falcon. I was jamemd for two cycles before Mane's cynabal reached the falcon and the falcon warped off grid. We refocused on the typhoon and then another gatefire with an Oneiros.

There was a general feeling of, "Shit" when the Oni landed. Diz called on the Oneiros and went after it. He got a few reps off I think but Diz was burning down for him with a seriousness. He jumped the gate at 80% armor.

The typhoon was left alone. Gateguns were nailing us left and right, but the typhoon was in low armor when the Onieros jumped. Structure went quickly and he exploded and the rest of us warped off grid. Ren was the tanky one. He scooped up the wreck and we all went to our POS to cool down the GCC.

We then had a discussion in local with the group we had just fought. It started with a bit of smack on their side about how they are C6 Wormhole dwellers and if they had the fleet they had the previous night we'd all have died.

A bit of textual verbal footwork realigned the conversation to something productive. They were out looking for something to do and were happy to see that people were out fighting. The Sleipnir/Typhoon pilot asked if we honored 1v1s. We said we did. He asked who was willing to 1v1 and I nominated Diz because he loves the fuck out of that shit. In the end he decided to 1v1 Diz tomorrow in a local high sec system due to trust issues.

I totally understand.

It was a damn busy day day of explosions.

And my sec status is down to a -3.6 due to a Vagabond found during the roam we just headed out on...


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