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Losing Ships like its my Job

It's my weekend off. I work every other weekend Fri-Sun, so I cherish my weekends off to work on my PvP. It's when the most people are on and there is the most stuff to do.

Everyone was on. Seems like several people were having Eve days and we had a lot more cross timezone play then we normally get to. Much fun was had.

With several of us on, hanging around and doing our own thing, we kinda started to form into a more cohesive fleet. Often, we will buzz around fleeted with each other. We are all doing our individual things but being in fleet allows us to get to each others aid quickly. Its a social thing even if our individual actions are not social. Once more and more people start to log in we start to lose interest in other activities. Normally it is isk making and sec status ratting. The sec status gain being corrected we now tend to fleet up even more (as it used to be). The bug that killed that for the last 5 months was a very big negative to piracy.

In the next system over from where I had been doing sites, a gila was doing something. Missions, anomoloies or plexs, we were not sure. They decide to scan the person down so we fleet up and wait.

Once the scan is established we find out that its some type of complex because there is a gate. An effort is made anyway to catch the person. He leaves as we land in his room. In local, he starts to smack talk. "Your prober sucks, took forever to find me," along with , "I already got the escalation".

We looked around and said, "You know, the warning still popped up when we entered. I bet he's lying. He is still in system and this is a stationless system." If he hadn't said that, we'd have left. "We'll finish it up for you," said the FC. "Don't want to leave a mess out here."

"It's only worth like 10 mil, enjoy." said the guy.

We finished it up and bam, escalation to nullsec. "Oh really. You got the escalation?" the FC asks over local. "Surprise. Suddenly there are two?"

"That may be worth billions! You'd try it to!" the guy screams back with exclamation points.

Dude, we don't normally bear," said the FC. "If you had shut up we'd have left. Anyway, thanks."

The escalation led us to null. We did that and got another one back where we started. We had no clue what chain we were now on. We noticed some traffic and wound up tackling a cyclone. We also noticed some drakes and we got hungry when we realized that they were doing something out there.

Of course, they were doing a plex. It was our day to hunt people in plexs. He found them and we landed on them. However they warped off. We chased them around until they went and hid in a safe. It wasn't worth hunting them down, they'd just run again. Since we had already done someone elses plex earlier, we decided to do it again.

Turns out it was good for us, and bad for them. We noticed that two logged out (we saw their ships still so it was a logout) and one stayed around to watch. "Another good plex?" we wondered. They were on the last escalation for whatever it was they were doing. We triggered the final spawn and got the named faction rat. He dropped a cynabal BPC for us as well as a faction afterburner and some other nice goodies.

Us waiting to see if they were going to come back and try to take the plex from us: Scimi to the rear, my cane in the front.

We also wound up tackling a cyclone out there. He went down like a champ. At the same time, a Heron came in and got trapped in the bubble we made. However, the FC said 'ignore the heron'. Well, someone did not ignore the heron and popped him as he started to light a cyno. Whew.

However, it was best to beat feet back to low sec. There we stalked a hurricane and a cynabal. The hurricane lost his pod as well. We had an instalocking frig with us and he nailed the pod in under a second. The FC randomed it for 500mil and the guy said "no". If they had been in a high grade clone that costs billions, they might have taken us up on it. We popped his pod and he was in +4s. About 100mil in implants.

The alliance is planning a gank ops this weekend and they are watching their sec status. However, the delicious cry of PvP overcomes common sense sometimes.

We fleeted into shields and ran around a little bit. Someone was watching another battle a few systems over and we decided to go poke our heads in to see what we would find.

This is when I started my new job of 'exploding'.

A flashy red domi came through the gate. "Jump with him!" goes the FC and jump I do. I establish point, go for bumps, and add my neuts into the mix. The drones redbox me and I start taking damage. And more damage... the rest of the fleet is through and closing but my shields are starting to vanish at an interesting rate. Not being repped I go "I'm taking damage...." no answer and no reps. I went and hit the shield rep button to broadcast it. Nothing. I was at 75% armor and said, "Structure" and popped. I did insure this hurricane, I realized later. I got 11mil for a ship I spent 48mil on.

"Oh shit. I din't have my watch list up."

Whoops. I got a lot of apologies. It's okay. The domi went down. A hurricane for a domi is always acceptable. I also got all of the scouped loot to recoup my loss. Yay. This stuff I won't keep but will use properly as ship replacement.

As I rolled back to my station to reship, a big ball of what the fuck started to happen out with the fleet. It seems that one of the members of another local pirate corp landed and they went after him. As they were doing that battle I was reshipping and heading back out. They blew him up and he reshipped as I landed in system. I went to meet the fleet as they jumped to go after this guy.

Pop. There went the loaned out Hurricane. I shoulda insured it. I have a friend whos been flying with us but he doesn't have a lot of ships in system. Instead of him refitting his rigs out, I loaned him a cane. After all, we buy them to explode them and I'd prefer to have my friend enjoying the pewpew with us.

I land on a gate with one fleet member as a Myrm lands on the gate as well. The Myrm, it turns out, was the pilot of the domi that we blew up earlier. He goes after my fleet member, I go after him and gateguns start to rape my ship. The myrm is going down, I'm aligning off, and a drake lands and starts laying into my rupture.

Pop. There went my rupture. I did insure it before I left the station. I got 5.8mil back. It cost me 7mil to buy originally and a replacement cost 9mil with the new ore prices. The myrm did go down.

The fleet loses the guy that they are trying to take down as well. I'm out of ships and have to ship myself one down from Rens with an alt. Insurance prices are based off of mineral prices and they are not dynamic with the market. Therefor my Hurrcane's hull costs 43mil in Rens right now while the insurance gives me 11. Plus, the mods to make my hurricane do anything other then look cool, cost a pretty penny as well. This is some of the things people dislike about the insurance aspect. Me, I'm happy to get a few mil back.

Because now we were going on a null sec roam.

A Moa landed on the gate with the fleet and the fleet went after him. He burned back for the gate and almost everyone had agressed trying to stop him. I had not aggressed, just gone for bumps with him targeted. So when he jumped, I jumped and went after him. As I did this, in the back of my mind I went "what is a Moa? Can I even kill this in my Rupture?" I said something as I decloaked and tried to point him. "You have a scimi behind you" I was told "Get him".

He warped off the moment he landed so I was 30 seconds behind him and didn't get him. Still, I acted properly. My understanding is increasing and that makes me quite happy, learning the pewpew.

We didn't have much more happen. We decided to retreat when we wound up surrounded by afk neutrals. Just the hair on the back of your neck feeling.


Whoops.... I accidently sold all of my guns as I was writing. Heh. I could have reused them. Ahh well, I'll buy them back. I cleared about 150mil from the loot. I purchased 4 new canes and now I'll need to fit them all out.


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