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Pirate v Pirate?

When a fight goes good and bad at the same time it makes for an interesting night.

The side effect of roaming is that you are not in your home system. However it is one of the way you get fights.

My goal for the weekend was to get some decent kills and up my killboard stats and look like I had a clue as part of the corp. I don't mind having the lowest killboard status but I don't want to just look like an ornament hanging around.

The end result was several fights and a mild attempt at ransoming us in a station in a strange system.
Fight One: There was a decision to go after a corp that had just returned to the area or our war targets. We decided on the corp because they were acting a bit funny around my corps home system. I had the idea that they were scouting us out and hoping to bait us out to hunt them down.

Being new to the corp and the area and the game in general I am often caught up in ancient distastes. People have been playing this game for a long time. It seems that this particular corp used to hang in the area and tangle with my corp a lot. I was flying around in my Jag, ratting in the belts and they were scouting us out to see if we where on and where we were.

Well I wound up going for a roam with our blues. I mentioned the group that was hanging around the area. They were acting as if they were running anomolies. However, the character in the covert ops ship kept hopping in and out of the surrounding systems to see who was there. That is suspicious enough.

To lower the chance that hey realized how much Intel we had, I undocked and hopped the gate on the other side of the system and cloaked above it to watch if they had a fleet they planned to drop on us. We sent someone in to take their bait which was a Myrm dancing around a belt pretending to shoot the belt pirates. It screamed Bait and it screamed Trap. So we took the bait and sprung the trap.

As our first ship landed he engaged the myrm. A second ship went to support him and that is when they sprung their trap. It was a logon trap. They were in system logged out waiting. When the second ship landed suddenly local spiked by 8 people and they all landed on them. However, the rest of our fleet was already in warp towards them and then landed on top of the second fleet.

Explosions happened. It was actually pretty close at first. However, their logi ships and their ewar ships refused to commit fully. We were able to push them off the grid and chew at the rest of the fleet. They were more tank then gank and we were more gank then tank. They did take down both of our logies but they lost the rest of their fleet.

It was a good fight and a lot of fun with many explosions in the end. With the field won we held it and looted everything fully for our two logis that went down. With the looting done, we waited for GCC to end and then headed back to reship and regroup for a roam further out.

Fight two:

This was a chase of war targets in a battle cruiser fleet chasing battle ships. They were headed in the same direction that we were. The goal was to chase them drop and pounce from behind. The fleet started rolling through the systems to catch up with the point that was watching them.

They expected it, they said, when we finally landed and nailed them. It took about 15 jumps to catch up to them as well before we landed someone to tackle them. The rest of the fleet landed and explosions happened. Our fleet was running battle cruisers. A lot of DPS but not a lot of tank and they were in battle ships. Still, battleships down.

Preview to fight three:

Now we were out in a somewhat far system debating what to do. There was a frigate gang wandering around as well. Frigate gangs are dangerous to larger ships. They can get in under guns and just chew a battleship up while it can not target them. Frigates themselves may not be the most powerful of ships but when flown right they do amazing things.

Debating trying to convince the frigate gang to interact with us, someone noticed,in system someone that is a well known fleet commander for a very large null sec alliance. The type of alliance that roams in 60+ ships.
Our Fleet Commander said hello since they know each other in passing. The other FC said hello back and asked us to stay around for a bit. We had already been discussing the tickle on the back of our necks spidey sense thing that was going on. We politely declined and made some distance between us and that system. As we bounced out, two systems over where one of our scouts was, local started spiking and spiking and spiking up....

Fight Three:

It was somewhat of a draw. They killed more of us but we destroyed a higher isk value of ship. Plus, it was their home system and they were reshipping and coming back at us. The entire thing happened on a gate with us taking gate guns and lasted about ten minutes until we finally had to pull the handful of ships we had left out.

This was good stuff. Basically, they simply had bigger, shinier ships on the field and the home field advantage. They took our our high DPS stuff early and that left us with some tank, some logi, and lots of tackle but the inability to put out the damage to break the tanks on their battleships. They also kept deagressing and jumping the gate to get away from us when we had their ships in structure while we stayed on the field and got chewed up.

But it was good. It was truly a battle of ships, logistics, fleet commands, and badd assery. I loved it and I managed not to die. When we finally disengaged we docked to let our GCC die down. They did the same thing. Once we were done we undocked and headed out of system. With 70% of our fleet down, we were not able to continue our roam for the night. However, we had accomplished what we wanted, which was pewpewage.

After two jumps, our FC called for us to dock up in a system and let them clear out and pass us.
Because we could not reship we landed in a station while they passed through. They decided to stop for a minute and offer to let us pass for 300mil. They said we did not want to log out in their system after all.
Our FC rolled his eyes and suggested that since they were so happy with the 'good fight' that we gave them they could get off the gate and let us roll out. "Sure" they said and hopped the gate. Our trust was very, very low. We debated if we needed a rescue fleet from our home systems but decided that we'd do something even easier.

We'd roll back through high sec. Everyone who was not able to enter high sec was already in a pod or rookie ship. The rest of us could still make it into a .05 system. Two jumps away was Hek, a trade hub. We'd hop in, unship, head back in pods/newbie ships and freighter our actual ships over with an alt.
So we ran for it and streaked out of the system and into high sec. :D

In Hek we unshipped, handed over our ships to the freighter pilot and then headed home. The high sec hop was only 6 jumps from home compared to the 20 some it was through low sec to get back.

I got to watch myself announced as a criminal when I entered a 0.9 system. I was in a newbie ship. Newbie ships are very under rated by people. They align fast and warp fast. They are a great way to get from point A to point B without being in a POD when you should not be in a system. Going gate to gate the NPC Police did not managed to nab me.

The freighter dropped off our ships, we refitted and bounced back into low sec to see what was local that we could get into. It was about an hour before down time.
Titan hot drop?

Fight 4 was a hot drop on one lonly Loki. Poor guy. I had been watching him get GCC and fail to kill people for about an hour on my alt who was cloaked in a safe spot above a gate he was playing on.
He seemed new to the area. His corp history said that he had just left RedvBlue. I guess he had decided to get into PvP and with some experience he was going to come down and learn to live in low sec and fight there.

We sent one ship to engage him and see if he'd play. He sure as shit did, engaging them off the system. We looked at each other and said, "Really?" before we shrugged and lit the cyno.

We hot dropped a fleet onto his head. He disintegrated before the entire fleet landed from the drop. Someone yelled out to bump him so he couldn't make it back to the station and try to dock. I hit my MWD and just slammed into him at such a high speed that we both were flung away and he went pop.

Then his pod went pop. Whoops. You already lose skill points when you die in a T3 ship. Ouchies. My sec status was also looking mangled as all hell. I had plunged from a -2.83 to a -3.98. Good stuff. We're not afraid to commit to the fight and take the gate and station guns to get the fight done.

Fight 5: War Targets again. It is funny, they call us out for blobing them, but they do the same to us all of the time. I guess the difference is that we hot drop. Not only did we hot dropped we hot dropped five minutes before down time. Dominix and Megathron down.

The servers came back up and since we were in our war targets home system we burned like hell back to where we belonged.

Good stuff. I was exhausted at the end. Lovely, lovely evening.


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