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CSMX - Post #26

This week is about preparing for the first summit for CSMX. It will span from September 14th to the 18th of 2015. CCP Leeloo posted the schedule on the official forums. The sessions cover all the topics listed and whatever else we can cram into it. Most are scheduled for an hour buy hot topics like null sec, structures, and projection are in two hour blocks.

This will summit. If we try to get the minutes out the following day as we were able to do in January for the second CSM9 summit the week will go like this for me: Arrive Sunday morning around 7am, be disoriented and jet lagged, try to get to sleek at a reasonable time, up at 7, breakfast, walk to CCP's office, summit starts at 9, meetings till 6-7pm, find dinner, work on minutes, maybe socialize and talk more Eve after hours, work on minutes, go to bed around 1-2. Wake up, work on minutes at breakfast, wash, rinse and repeat.

Most of my time is focused on notes and discussion topics for the various sessions. I have unresolved issues from last session. I also have new things that have come to the table. I try to get in as much as I can.

Not everything is covered in the summit. Some are more held by individuals rather then teams and we discuss them regularly or they are worked on as the person as time. Other things are not on the plan between this summit and the next one. We could discuss them but the summit focuses first on things that have happened and need to be gone over and things that are coming up. Not every single thing gets discussed. We'd need another week.

As for things in game, it looks as if we are getting more timers. Eyes have spied jump cloak and nullification timers on Sisi. I went to look myself. The jump cloak timer covers things like jump through a wormhole, not just a gate. This timer is showing up in the upper left hand corner of your screen.

Wormholes are also showing their polarization timers. There is a circular orange timer around the wormhole icon that counts down. When you mouse over it you can see how long you have until you can jump again. If you try to jump you get the lovely popup telling you that you cannot.

Timers have been requested for quite a while. A quick scan gave me a post from Febuary 2013. The question about polarization timers was how do we show you what polarization you have for what wormhole. A stack of timer icons would grow unwieldy and complicated as it attempted to follow you around and you found yourself polarized to wormholes you were no longer interested in. Attaching them to the in space icon itself is quite elegant.

CCP Quant dropped some numbers on reddit in a response to a topic discussing the number of alt accounts vs the number of actual players. CCP Larrikin kept to the forums and released some of the alliance tournament stats.

There is also an exploit notification up in the game news. I am still pushing for some collected spot in the game or on the website for all of these notifications. I do not feel that digging through the news for the last several years is a reasonable expectation for when someone thinks they have found the newest, cleverest way to get away with something.

Last week I was on a mostly Eve free vacation. I did log in on Wednesday to see that the fields were burning yet again. In a way, the last month has been a steady erosion of the free flowing relationship between CCP and the player base. As someone who advocated and supported increased interaction across multiple media platforms watching it burn down has been disappointing. I also feel as if my efforts helped us reach this point. It is a lot to think about with how poorly things and have and how wrong my hopes have turned out to be. Nevertheless my dreams of easy and open communication have mostly been shattered.

Next Sunday's update should be made from Iceland and the week should follow the activities of the summit.


  1. Sugar I'm just going to be direct - none of this is your fault. It isn't your fault the player base decided to act like tantrum throwing children, it isnt your fault they drowned out valid criticisms with an ocean of vitriol and personal attacks and it certainly isnt your fault that the most vocal groups were the ones who had the most to lose from a change in the status quo.

    You've done nothing but bend over backwards trying to make things work and you deserve nothing but praise for that. The only thing I would ask of you in return is not to be discouraged.

  2. Fully agree with Darek Castigatus. You are busting your ass for this job and you are doing great.

  3. Thirding Darek here. You're amazing :).

    That Summit schedule though. :( You need some time to be human too! I wouldn't mind the minutes being out a day or two after the summit if it means you actually have some time to have fun and be yourself.

    Atm it looks more like a punishment =/.

  4. From where I play Eve, I did not even notice we were rioting and unhappy with CCP any more or less than usual. What did I miss?

    1. I have to agree Anonymous. There’s nearly always some sort of Eve Drama underfoot. This time, however, Sugar was an unwilling participant (not in the sense that she generated the drama but rather in the sense that it took place right underneath her nose). When drama unfolds directly under your nose it’s difficult not to smell the stench.

      In a curious way, this seems to connect to CCP Quant’s very interesting reveal that no less than 65% of Eve players maintain only one account and no less than 86% of players maintain two or fewer accounts. Nearly everything I’ve read and/or heard from players before Quant’s reveal presumed a much, much higher account per player average. Why the stunning mismatch? Possibly because the more accounts one has the more devoted one is to the game. The more devoted one is to the game, the more noise one makes. Accordingly, reading off the noise, one would deduce (mistakenly) that the typical Eve player maintains many many accounts because the ‘silents’ aren’t being measured. Drama is much the same – only the noisy partake. Accordingly, based off the noise, you'd think the entire house is aflame when, in truth, it’s only a simmering smolder at the edge of a throw rug. Hopefully, CCP is better at reading the silents (CCP having actual information on them) then we players are.

    2. I think you're absolutely right there Dire. I think that there's also a Null-sec element (in that people on Reddit are more likely to be from Null-sec). People in null-sec seem to have a lot more accounts than other areas of space. Maybe the supposed 'unsub-ing' will lead to a 'naturalisation' of Null-sec players' account numbers?

      I do think that there's been some really good communication between players and devs (and CSM!). Throwing it all away because of some issues would be a shame.

    3. I'm looking forward to the Summit minutes. A few news days should help rally those who feel starved for information :)

  5. Dear Sugar Kyle,

    Thank you for your hard and diligent work on the CSM, please keep it up.
    I have a question that rather concerns me and others playing eve online:

    How far can CCP games reach be in out of game situations and websites ?
    Do their rules apply for their client and their websites only or not ?
    What is your own and / or the CSM opinion, if you have discussed it.

    Regards, a Freelancer

    1. I do not discuss the opinions of the rest of the CSM. They can each express their own.

      As for the ban, I understand why they banned. I do not agree with a pemaban. If CCP wishes to take steps to remove players for third party content that they feel attacks or defames their product or employees, I can understand that. I'd prefer them to release a warning or statement that they will not allow behavior such as this and will chose whenever they wish to end their relationship with a customer. Then, after that they run around and ban people.

      I like rules and neat messaging. I feel the message is missed while people focus on other aspects such as third party websites and where it happened and such. CCP can ban any of us for anything including me for writing this post. They've always reserved that right.

      I have expressed my opinion to them.

    2. Thank you for your answer, I to want proportionality and legitimate actions only.

      Regards, a Freelancer

    3. Freelancer,

      I read through Sugar's carefully worded reply and I didn't see her use the terms 'proportionality' or 'legitimate'. Following up as you did by saying "I to want want proportionality and legitimate actions only" strongly implies that Sugar 1) actually said that (she didn't) and 2) agrees with your view of things (very possibly not the case).

      While I find it quite gracious of you to thank her for replying, I'm a little puzzled why you then proceeded to rewrite her reply.

    4. Indeed she does not use those wordings, semantics is something closely tied to CCP's game,
      for instance time codes and plex, but that is a discussion for another day soon™ :)

      Let's examine my conversation with Sugar Kyle and your interference with it, also she can reply for herself without your need to fyi.

      1) we both do not agree with the permaban, my reason is because it's disproportionate, she rather prefers a warning (pretty proportionate stuff to me)
      2) legitimate; allowed according to rules or laws
      Sugar Kyle in this context likes rules and neat messaging, so do I.

      I hear they got an opening on the evenews24 comments sections DireNecessity, hope to see you there 7o

      Regards, a Freelancer

    5. Edit 1: a warning "first"


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