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TCS: Secondary Stocking

When one first puts together a market stocking list it appears to be a complete, beautifully composed piece of prose. As everything is listed and people start looking for things one remembers the great void that an unstocked market actually is.

Yikes. I had forgotten how much work startup is.

I am two jump freighter trips in. The first was full of ammo and some supplies. The second was more complete, covering basic modules, and ammunition. There are somewhat functional markets out here but the markup is insane.

Upgraded 1MN Microwarpdrives sell for 11k in Jita. Out here they are previous, rare flowers that unfurl during only the new blue moon that heralds the coming of the next virgin king. Or something. The four on the market where priced at 300k ISK for one and 450k ISK for the spot with four.

I also had someone buy all of my Void M and relist it at the average local price. I solved that problem by buying more and undercutting them as I put it back up at my established price. What that did teach me is to go in a bit calmer with my modules. I am only supplying my corporation (although I have already seen strangers buying). I do not need large stacks of modules and I can hold some back in case there is a mass buyout of stacks of supplies.

At this time I do not know how it is going to go supplying two systems when it comes to my sanity. It is an adventure to find out!

So far, I have had to create a cyno chain, kind of. I need cynos here and I need cynos there and... and... there are so many ands.

I hope and suspect that I will not need to do as many Jumps to supply the new station. I did buy a second freighter. I had planned to ditch the Charon and buy a Providence. I've now purchased the Providence and I will sell the Charon once we finish the deployment. For now, I need them both. I may have to lean on Red Frog but at this moment I don't have the time to possibly wait three days.

I purchased Garde Is twice instead of Garde Is and Garde IIs. Whoops. I have ganking materials as well. That turned out to be a special request I was not expecting.

Then I see things on the market that I do not expect to see. I actually spent a minute trying to figure out why this made absolutely no sense to me. Expanded Cargoholds are around 500k on average. This looks to me as if someone seeded the area and hopes to make lots of ISKies of of desperate people. I don't wish for my boys to be those desperate people. I saw this across a few other common modules. Damage Control IIs had this same seeded pattern going on. The orders have 89 days on them so it was a recent thing that someone did. I hope it works out for them.

Occasionally I am way over priced for something that is being made locally. Oh well. The price difference of 100k is not a huge thing in the long run. I could buy them out and run it to Jita and restock it in those situations. I often think about doing that and maybe one day I will move forward with that plan and expand my market abilities with cheap buys such as that.

For now, the kernel of the market is started. It is still not as large as I'd like it to be. I managed to remember a dozen things I needed as I listed. But, step by step.


  1. [quote]Occasionally I am way over priced for something that is being made locally. Oh well. The price difference of 100k is not a huge thing in the long run. I could buy them out and run it to Jita and restock it in those situations.[/quote]

    Isn't that against why you got into it in the 1st place, to supply to your friends at a fair price? If someone does better, let them - you both win. Just leave some local reserve in case they get greedy. And now you have free isk to expand.

    1. Let me explain that a bit better.

      Let's pick something random like cargoezpander II. I buy them in Jita for 500k. In the region someone has them listed for 450k.

      I now list.mine for whatever price to make my margins back. The other order is listed regionally several jumps away and often in high sec.

      Ideally I'd like to buy these at the lower price and import them to my system. In actuality this doesn't often happen because of time.

      I try to make note of that and correct it next time around.

      When I say much higher I'm talking price differenxes of 50-100k normally. I like to be lowest of average.

      In the end the boys have it at the station they live at which is the most important part. Cleaning up the details and keeping prices down is for me to manage in the background.

    2. To continue in terrible phone typing.

      If they come to my market and undercut me I leave them. This is happening in my drug market as well. In the end my boys make out and the entire enviorment is healthier even if I don't make back my output for a while.

      I doubt this deployment will pay me back until I liquidate and resell in Bosena tondrain off the duplicates. I'm also trying to combine import costs with my own needs cuz jump fuel.

  2. Interesting, cargo expanders, 1mn MWDs, Damage Control IIs... All items I like to keep prices reasonable on to bring more customers in.

    Mind telling us what region this is in?

  3. Solitude. Our killbosrd makes our location clear.

    Its hungry for basics.

    1. Octaneve is on my radar for future expansion. Gotta finish consolidating the first wave and train up a few more new traders first though.

  4. If there hasn't already been, I bet there will be a spike in Omni-directional tracking links.

  5. Hey sugar just wanted to say that, your posts about your store have helped me a lot. I've only been playing a few months but got right into nullsec and since we couldn't get anything I started up a store. It has its ups and downs but I think I'm doing pretty good, a large part due to tips I picked up off of here. Thanks again!

    1. Success stories! Yay!

      I am glad that it is working out for you. I've stumbled into most of this face first and I am happy if any of my learning curve makes it easier for others.


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